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Audience Demographic

Hot Rodding is a form of tinkering whether it is hot rodding a car or a computer, it's all the same and The Hot Rod Show is designed to reach an audience demographic of males and females 12 to 76 who have an interest in 'tinkering' and or seeing the end results of people who do.

Television is an engaging & exciting platform to promote your brand having the highest proven ROI of any other. Advertising on TV is now targeted and affordable so our sales team will help build you an effective campaign to best suit your budget.

In addition, you can also reach our highly engaged online community through our hot rod social networking site.

Interesting stats on the power of TV

  • 84% of consumers beleive that TV advertising is most likely to influence their decision
  • People watch an average of 560 TV adverts a week
  • 40% of prime-time tweets are about TV
  • The recent IPA survey, Advertising Effectiveness: found that TV advertising remains the most effective way to build a brand and creates larger business effects than other forms of advertising
  • The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) research revealed that TV enhances other media effectiveness dramatically: Print response by 92%, Direct Mail by 96% and Online by 164% when used in conjunction with TV

Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunity

Align your brand with The Hot Rod Show and reach an enthusiastic and engaged targeted audience. The viewers of this series are your targeted customers... interested in products and businesses within the automotive, travel and lifestyle market. Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities for this TV series are available and affordable so if you are interested, please email me