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The Hot Rod Show is about people in sheds, not just what they have in them but what they do with the things they have in them.

These 'things' can be hot rods, customs, bikes, boats, trucks and planes.

They can be slot cars, RC cars, Aussie cars, Jap cars and Pom Bombs.

They can be designed to go in straight lines, in circles, in the air and under ground.

You can get smiles in them, you can cut the lawn with them or maybe people just sit there and stare at them.

Whatever they are it doesn't matter, it's the people that have made them or own them and the size of the shed doesn't matter either.

This is a show about 'hot rodding' - taking something and making it how you want it to be.

Sky 083 Face TV

Starting 25th Feb then every Thursday at 9:00PM, Friday at 8:30PM and Saturday at 9:30AM.

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